Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Three cups of tea

    When I saw this book first book, it made me a lot of thoughts. I can roughly knew this story through behind the cover that there were some children and who the lead role. His first start was coincidence. There was no school in the town, so he wanted to build a school for children. He gave the children hope after this chance. If I was him, I could never think those. Making the situation has to be hard and need a lot of effort.
 He is one of the most wonderful people as a helping people for refugees. Actually, when I was a university student, I wanted to help some refugees as a supporting person.
 I had a part time job for that, but it was difficult that keeping giving the money every month. That reason, whenever I see someone like Greg I feel they are good people.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Marriage in Korea

     I've ever experienced to go a wedding hall just one time. That was my nephew's wedding, also a groom and a bride were beautiful and spiffy. I wanted to get married with someone at that time. haha
 In Korea, there were some traditional traits. Actually, I don't know well but I remember one thing. When my parent got married, my father had to be slapped his the sole to his friends. This mean is celebrating for their marriage and wishing his health. Nowadays, that is not common and almost couples just do formal wedding. It means they usually do a ceremony and a wedding and a reception that it! The time is just about one hour and half. This is not special. If I get married with someone, I will do the wedding as a small and simple wedding because this is not important doing that. It's more important later get married!

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Monday, 22 June 2015


   Have you ever thought about ecotourism?
For me, i sometimes think about that because it is caused environment pollution.
These days, it is increasing the problem and we have to separate garbage according to type.
Actually, this situation can feel annoyed, but you have to practice. It'll be good for the earth.
 I have no idea about ecotourism and also i have never seen any movies, but i've seen similar genre.
At that time, i was really concerned about environment disaster because we didn't separate garbage and throwing out the garbage on the street and abusing disposable products.
After that, i am trying to save everything and i have to tell to children about saving them and protecting plants etc.. It can preserve from them.

Sunday, 14 June 2015


I REALLY REALLY WANT TO TRAVEL WHEREVER!!! because I've never traveled anywhere yet. Ah, except Canada. I've just traveled in Korea. Of course that was goooooood because I had a trip with my friends. It is always happy if with friends.
In Korea, I traveled for two nights and three days in Busan. There were lots of delicious foods and awesome landscapes and a lot of foreigners. I was in a food coma and got a weight almost 4kg...but it was totally good. We visited a beach in Busan and there were no people because it was cold at that time. We were happy because there were just us!
After that, we enjoyed our suffer!! I can't still the foods and the flavors...(I'm hungry now)
Anyway, I don't know well about which is better trip places for you in Korea. However, I can certainly tell you guys! If you want to eat really awesome foods in Korea, ask me. haha I'm sure. I can tell you about it.

The skyline of Busan

Interesting Languages

I'm going to talk about languages!
I'm Korean, so i can speak Korean. everyone knows haha  In Korea, we learn about English from a elementary school student. That reason, English is familiar to Korean.
However, it was difficult and hard and actually boring, but i changed! after came here.
I'm enjoying learning English with my friends. It's good for me and also I want to learn more. When I came here first time in U of C, I can communicate with my friends 'cause I can speak English. That was misunderstood. I couldn't understand what they were saying because I didn't speak it well!! I tried to converse with my friends. I'm happy now haha
When I was a high school student, I learned German as a second language. It's similar with English. That's why it was a little bit easy for me and I liked the teacher, so German was interested language. Now, I have no idea about want to learn any languages. I just want to study English perfectly and fluently.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Men and Women

In Korea, there were lots of different things in all aspects. However, we are trying to change in the sexism these days. Now, we have a woman president. So, I think it is increasing women politics or leaders. In old days, most of women can not work because of sexism. This is good for women. I can work in diverse occupations and also I can choose. Despite, there are remain some sexism. For example, if a leader is a woman, some men are express their feelings in the presence of her. It remains these days, though. However, this is different in the couple. Today's men have to be kind to women.
I don't know when started that. I know this is unfair to men, but actually I like it. I think every women like it. However, this is trying to be fair these days. I want to be disappear the sexism. It's better for us.

Monday, 25 May 2015

If i have lots of money..

If I have lots of money, first, I'll travel to other countries at once.
Because I didn't travel other countries. I just came to Canada. So, I don't know now.
Having a lot of money is good but, I am satisfied present life :)
Cause, I have many friends that reason I'm happy. That's it!
I wanna take a trip with my friend if i have money.
It's better than the money using just alone.


A child abuse is one of the kind of many crime. In Korea, the criminals are usually sentence  shortly. I can't understand about that. But, other countries are different unlike  Korea. In the other country's law may sentence to death. So, I think Korea's law has to change.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Wired but, Interesting Extreme Sports

I have never tried extreme sports like bungee jumping, sky diving, mountain biking.
But, I will try these one at least. I don't like to ride a roller coaster. When I rode this, I thought my heart will disappear or my heart is rising than my head. These reasons, I didn't ride a roller coaster. Maybe I think if I try some sports, it is like the feeling.
Nevertheless, I like to ride bike and board! If my riding skill can improve, I will try riding a bike in a mountain before die. If I possible haha..

Would you like to know about me?

Hi! My name is Yujin. Nice to meet you guys!!
I'm from Korea. I really like to hang out with my friends. But when I meet someone first time, I really awkward the situation. So, I  silent and shy indeed but, after friendly I enjoy about talking with my friends and i will lively.
Do you like to watch movies? I am really crazy about watch movies. Especially, I like romantic comedy genre. I also prefer horrible movies but, I can't watch well. If you want to watch a movie, you can go a theatre! Why don't we go a theatre?
The picture is with my bestie!