Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Three cups of tea

    When I saw this book first book, it made me a lot of thoughts. I can roughly knew this story through behind the cover that there were some children and who the lead role. His first start was coincidence. There was no school in the town, so he wanted to build a school for children. He gave the children hope after this chance. If I was him, I could never think those. Making the situation has to be hard and need a lot of effort.
 He is one of the most wonderful people as a helping people for refugees. Actually, when I was a university student, I wanted to help some refugees as a supporting person.
 I had a part time job for that, but it was difficult that keeping giving the money every month. That reason, whenever I see someone like Greg I feel they are good people.

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  1. I don't think that most people could do what Greg did! I'm sure he's inspired many young people in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    Good work on the blog project - you got 10/10.