Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Marriage in Korea

     I've ever experienced to go a wedding hall just one time. That was my nephew's wedding, also a groom and a bride were beautiful and spiffy. I wanted to get married with someone at that time. haha
 In Korea, there were some traditional traits. Actually, I don't know well but I remember one thing. When my parent got married, my father had to be slapped his the sole to his friends. This mean is celebrating for their marriage and wishing his health. Nowadays, that is not common and almost couples just do formal wedding. It means they usually do a ceremony and a wedding and a reception that it! The time is just about one hour and half. This is not special. If I get married with someone, I will do the wedding as a small and simple wedding because this is not important doing that. It's more important later get married!

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  1. I agree, too many people spend a huge amount of time/money planning the wedding, but don't prepare for the marriage afterwards. A simple ceremony is better!

    I've experienced going to a wedding hall just one time.

    If I get married to someone, I will...

  2. Yujin, come on. I think you are going to come across the person who you like and want to get married with. I agree with you about a simple ceremony.