Monday, 25 May 2015

If i have lots of money..

If I have lots of money, first, I'll travel to other countries at once.
Because I didn't travel other countries. I just came to Canada. So, I don't know now.
Having a lot of money is good but, I am satisfied present life :)
Cause, I have many friends that reason I'm happy. That's it!
I wanna take a trip with my friend if i have money.
It's better than the money using just alone.


  1. This is a good idea. I think you are very friendly to your friends. Money is very important for us, but it isn't the most important for us and we need friends. l am very lucky to study English with you.

  2. Maybe you can get it form lottery! Good luck!!!

  3. Yujin if you win the lottery and me not, we have to travel together!!! don'd forget me!!! LOL! :)

  4. That's good. I think that traveling abroad become your big experience. I want to go too.

  5. Your opinion is so good because you know money is not the most important things in our life. You know there are more important things in your life. For example, friends, That's great.

  6. Awesome plans, Yujin! I wish that your dreams are realized!!!

  7. I think there are some people in the class who would like to travel with you! You should buy first class tickets and stay in luxury hotels.

    * Could you write the blog in paragraph form? Also, try to write at least 100 words each week. Thanks!