Sunday, 31 May 2015

Men and Women

In Korea, there were lots of different things in all aspects. However, we are trying to change in the sexism these days. Now, we have a woman president. So, I think it is increasing women politics or leaders. In old days, most of women can not work because of sexism. This is good for women. I can work in diverse occupations and also I can choose. Despite, there are remain some sexism. For example, if a leader is a woman, some men are express their feelings in the presence of her. It remains these days, though. However, this is different in the couple. Today's men have to be kind to women.
I don't know when started that. I know this is unfair to men, but actually I like it. I think every women like it. However, this is trying to be fair these days. I want to be disappear the sexism. It's better for us.


  1. I agree that there is a lot less sexism than there used to be around the world, but there's still a long way to go. There are probably some countries that would still not elect a female president.

    Therefore, I think the number of women who are politicians or leaders is increasing.

    I want sexism to disappear.

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