Monday, 22 June 2015


   Have you ever thought about ecotourism?
For me, i sometimes think about that because it is caused environment pollution.
These days, it is increasing the problem and we have to separate garbage according to type.
Actually, this situation can feel annoyed, but you have to practice. It'll be good for the earth.
 I have no idea about ecotourism and also i have never seen any movies, but i've seen similar genre.
At that time, i was really concerned about environment disaster because we didn't separate garbage and throwing out the garbage on the street and abusing disposable products.
After that, i am trying to save everything and i have to tell to children about saving them and protecting plants etc.. It can preserve from them.


  1. When I was a child, we didn't have recycling programs. Everything just went into the garbage can! I'm glad that people are more environmentally conscious today.

    Actually, this situation can feel annoying, but you have to practice.

    (Also, be sure to use a capital "I" anywhere in the sentence to refer to yourself.)

  2. Very actual ideas. At present, we can support and encourage those actions.